Bees/Wasps Entering Solectria 60kW String Inverters

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Hey everyone, has anyone here seen bees/wasps make nests in their string inverters? A lot of the sites that the company I work for right now has been getting notified/are witnessing bees/wasps making nests in the Solectria 60kW string inverters by making their way through the vents. Now part of me says get some wire mesh and close the vent, but I'd like to get everyone's opinion on this. I'd like to know if anyone has experienced this issue, and/or what would be the best course of action to take, whether its something cheap or need to fabricate a new housing of some sort. Thanks for the help!


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    Have you tried contacting Solectria,  to see if there are any service bulletins,  or suggestions on a remedy?

    It would seem,   that they would be interested in field experiences with their product,   and  buzzzzing insects cannot be that good for longevity of the product.

    FWIW,   Vic

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    My problem is with geckos, lost an inverter because of them, with  replacement I used stainless steel mosquito mesh to cover larger holes, and play dough ( in lieu of duct seal ) in conduits entering all electronic equipment. Wasps or bees could probably cause problems, they also have a tendency to sting if disturbed in their new home.
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