Leave charging / floating or cut off for no use and high heat

I have an RV system I have posted here about a bit and had a question on storage / non use and high heat and what that may do to batteries. 
I have 3 12v 200Ah AGMs in the hold in the RV. I have to go away for about 10 days on a business trip and we are going to be in a heatwave daily temps are expected to exceed 110f. 

I have no power requirements in the RV while I am gone and I can completely shut down any drains of power. 

My question is should I just shut the system down ? Batteries are full and floating at the moment, thoughts ? 



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    Strange things can occur when unattended, 10 days is not long, my vote is shut down for peace of mind.
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    AGMs tend to have low self-discharge rates, so I'd agree shutting down is the better choice.
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    Thanks guys ! Shutting down now
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