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Hi, I have two 100w (wired in series) solar panels, two 12v 105ah AGM batteries (parallel) on the EPEVER MPPT charge controller do I use the gel battery setting?



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    Sealed battery setting. Or better yet get the recommended charging and float settings from the batteries and use custom settings on the controller, if you have them. Bulk and absorb are generally one in the same.  Bulk will bring the discharged battery up to the setting voltage then hold it there for the battery to absorb current till timed out or current decreases to a minimal percentage of the ah. rating of the battery. In your case, for example, 2% of 210 ah.  = 4 amps. Then transition to float.

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    Thanks for getting back to me. I've set the controller to the sealed setting. I'm guessing when the battery gets to 100% the controller will throttle back and just keep them ticking over?

    See, told you i was a newbie.
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    That's about it in a nutshell, the ticking over is the float voltage, to cover any losses, but having said that if there are any loads whilst in float greater than the array can provide, it will eat into the battery capacity, it's a ballance one needs to study over time, no two systems are identical.
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