Poly or Mono PV?

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Hi all,

So, next thread  - Poly or Mono panels. I think it is pretty straight forward. Poly is generally cheaper and more mass produced and may not be a bad idea for the budget minded and if space avail to mount PV is not limited. Mono is generally more money due to more costly manufacturing process and produces a little more power so you can maximize output if space is a limiting factor. Also,if you want to keep the business in North America you can buy mono PV made here. Most will probably tend toward bang for buck scenario, however just wanted to put this out there to get the thoughts and opinions of you guys who know best :smile:



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    The performance difference is not as great as it once was, to the point where is really comes down to space availability. Some say they perform better in lower light, others disagree, but in the end they both work well, kind of like the comparison in car peformamce, car A's 0-60 time is 5.6 seconds, car B which does it in 5.7 seconds, so car A is better.......but it costs more. 
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    IIRC, there may also be a minor difference in temp coefficient, which might be a factor in very hot or very cold locations. They also look a bit different, if that's a consideration.
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    Mono for me. Poly seems like a waste of money, to me.
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