I have a solar energy job interview in the following days

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I have been to the last stage which is the technical interview ,and i have known from a friend in this company that the interview will focus mainly on the electrical side of the pv .
I need to know what kind of questions will i be asked regarding the electricity because I am a mechanical engineer and my electric information are just fundamental.So if anyone could help with some topics to read or the kind of questions that will be asked i will be very grateful .
Thanks in advance


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    Just admit to what you don't know, honesty is what an employer will be looking for, and need.

    I suspect there will be someone who has a strong technical knowledge to run the jobs.

    If it's for small residential installations, might make your self aware of the differences between micro-inverters and String inverters(I used this as I lack the knowledge of a better term)

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    This is a thread were we put a lot of "interesting facts" and links for solar power... Take a quick look through and read some of the details.


    The basic electrical formulas work just fine for most solar questions;


    They can all be derived from circuit theory and calculas -- But the basics will serve you well:

    Volts = Current * Resistance
    Power = V*I = V^2 / R = I^2 * R

    And such.

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    It would help to know what kind of job in the solar industry.

    As an example, the correct answer in the technical interview for a sales-related automotive job is "I like money". You simply need to demonstrate confidence in your ability to use technical knowledge to the extent necessary to further that goal. A grasp of technical details without demonstrating an ability to convert it into profitable sales would be a fail.

    If it's more of a technical role, my guess is they'll know a mechanical engineer doesn't know a lot about EE generally or solar in particular. In that case, @Photowhit is right, don't try to fake it. Get a basic grasp on things (eg from Bill's links) so you can show adaptibility and an interest in learning outside your area of expertise.
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