Xantrex freedom inverter

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Currently helping out on a yacht and having difficulty with our solar/ac power setup.

In the past there was a Xantrex link 1000 conected to the inverter. Now there is a Xantrex freedom remote connected.

The freedom remote reads 10v on the batteries but the solar charge controller reads 13v

When we connect the system to shore power the freedom remote reads 14v and solar controller 15.8v. Battery also reads 15.8v

Any suggestions as to what the fault might be?


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    Welcome to the forum 

    With the information supplied it would be difficult to pinpoint what the issue could be, perhaps answering a few questions may help.
    What panels are connected to the controller?
    What battery charger is used with shore power?
    Have voltage measurements been taken with a multimeter to verify actual readings?
    What battery type is used and how old?
    What controller is used, make and model?
    Is the inverter an inverter charger?

    Basic observations, 10V for a battery voltage  reading indicates a dead battery, with little to no capacity, when shore power is connected with a charger, if the battery voltage increases rapidly, this would be a typical indication of a battery with lost capacity, as soon as the charger is removed the voltage collapses. More information would definitely help.
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    I would read the voltage at the battery posts. If the reading is more than 1/10th of a volt different from the remote, it seems likely to me the problem is either a bad wire/connection between remote and battery, or a fault in the remote or its settings (eg, there may be an offset to account for voltage drop in the sense wire set incorrectly). As you likely know, all electrical connections can be problematic in a marine environment.

    It could be a dead battery caused by a problem with the controller or whatever as @mcgivor suggests, but I suspect there would be a history of other problems (instuments shutting down,,etc), so I'd look at connections to the remote and the remote itself first.
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