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Hi, I’m having trouble getting my radian 8048 to power up. Nothing happens when I add 48v to it other than the pop that powers the caps. This was running when removed from service.

Basically, I’m trying to run the 8048 from a 48v bank similar to the end of this vid.

I may have missed something simple. Can the 8048 run just by adding a 48v source to it and just the mate3 attached?Things I have tried and tested.

add 48v and test 48v going into the 2 inverters 

remote rj45 port directly plug into the mate3 (currently, port is in port1 of the 4 port hub)

remove the on off jumper and replace (I believe j3). There's no external switch connected



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    Are you sure you have at least 40vdc with the main breaker on?
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    Do you have grid power at the grid input? When the Radian first powers up, It defaults to backup mode. You should hear the relay and then then fan test., but it will not invert if it qualifies power at the grid input. If there is no grid input, it will act like any off grid inverter and you should have 120 volts on L1 and L2 inverter output if you have a sufficiently charged battery bank. With no grid connection, it dosen't even need the mate3 connected to work.

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