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USE: 1.Will provide support to existing water pump to push up-hill. minimum 30 GPM
          2.system will provide water for somalian refugees.
material on hand:
15 solar panels, 225W each

problem: 1. which suitable pump to use/purchase?
               2. what proper inverter/VFD to go to the said booster pump.
Goal is to make system work without any battery bank and not grid tied, pump will only run through day time and shut at night.

please link site where i can purchase said items or is there a existing kits for this kind of project.

this the new pump on site, was told by the manufacturer that 2.5 HP is to strong for a controller/inverter. might replace this pump 



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    What is the total head to pump "up hill"?

    Why "30 gpm" minimum?
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    The simplest way I would think, would be to use a brushless DC submersible pump, do away with the inverter or VFD. Here is a link for reference purposes to bring to light what alternatives may be available.
    Please note I am not, nor claim to be an expert on water pumping solutions, just think how I would approach the challenge, good luck.
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    Check out the Grunfoss SQF series pumps. They can be driven directly with pv no Inverter or batteries required, or ac line power or both.
    If need be you can run them with a generator if you need emergency water at night. Be prepared because they are expensive.
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    Note: that the booster is to augment a Grunfos submersible pump that is currently in operation on site. booster is surface in line mounted.

    and the exact model is this:

    MKm 5/7-N




    20 ÷ 120

    96 ÷ 34



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