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I've been modelling a large off grid system with an installed solar capacity of around 170 kW (600 Volts), and I've been considering both AC coupled and DC coupled systems. I've reviewed Schneider's solutions, and noticed they deliver large charge controllers of 600 volts, 4800 Watts. I am doing an economical analysis and I am interested in the price difference between large solar charge controllers and solar inverters. The size of the charge controller/solar inverter can be assumed to 110 kW. I've read that solar string inverters go for 100 dollars/kW for this system size (report from NREL).

Does anyone have any information about the approximate cost of large charge controllers (dollars/kW) with a system of this size?

Any information is appreciated.

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    Morningstar also makes a high voltage controller.

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    Sindre,  They should be contacting you, please let me know that they did. The schneider 600 v mppt is around $1K US wholesale, it will handle about 6KW of solar panels.

    They make huge Utility scale mppts and inverters and a guy named Lloyd should be getting in touch. They have a group near you in Norway.
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    Thanks a lot, got the email now. Appreciate your help! :smiley:
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