Is charge controller Max input voltage reliant on battery voltage for this controller?

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The Renogy 20A MPPT controller state that the Max PV is [email protected], and [email protected]
Is the max referring to panel voltage or battery voltage?
Can I put 520W PV to a 12V battery bank using this controller?
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    Current  is inversely proportional to voltage, at 12V nominal the maximum panel wattage would be calculated by multiplying voltage by current , 12V × 20A =240 W, if the same current is used at double the voltage the result would be 24V × 20A =480W. Note because the actual charge voltage will be higher than 12 or 24V, the panel wattage alowed will be higher, which is reflected in the 260 and 520W limitations.
    So the answer is no you can't use 520w at 12V nominal, a 40A  or a second 20A controller would be required, or move up to 24V nominal would allow 520W. The maximum panel wattage allowable  is determined using battery nominal voltage not panel voltage.
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    Perfect answer. Thanks for clearly explaining. 
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