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I am debuting with this, proud with a umilde schott German of 100 W, a BSV20A.
still waiting for the inverter, and the system of lights, I try to be consistent in presenting my ideas and my doubts, I speak Spanish and a little English.
I have been watching the system, and I have many doubts.
1 - voltage at the output between 14 and 14.75 V with and without battery. out and full charge.
2- while I waitthe lights, I have connected to the 12 v arrangements of lanterns (4x4,5v in series) some are melted, a part, and in others it has lowered the luminosity. 
I have purchased the lights 12 v, because I thought - it,s not sense to climb to 220 v for led light - I'm not sure that the idea is good but already did it. 
mi concern is: to bear this level of voltage?, will stabilize the system once you have load?. I'm afraid of melting the luminaires designed for 12 V.
the system of lights and the inverter to the same output of the regulator, charging 220v, computer, and chargers of phone, some other team of less than 100 W, I now have to disconnect me but I would like to get feedback,
regards ximena


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    LED's require a Current Limiting Resistor, or a Driver circuit.  sometimes that is internal to the lamp, sometimes in the fixture, but without current limit, LED will overheat and burn.
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    I appreciate your cooperation, You have been very friendly
    be ignorant to me! I was sure that this matter was off the beaten path, and I've gotten into a problem, I have to prepare a protection to the lighting system, including overload. if I have understood a little
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