Updating my system this spring. few Q's on gear

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My current system is 12v. I'm looking at 24/48v inverters. My go to is the Magnum 4k pure sine because its what I use now (2k msw) and works good. Is anyone running anything cheaper or better in the same price range? 
Secondly I will add to and update my solar. I'm thinking outback 80. I'm only going to be running 1500-2k watts of solar. Anything new on the market thats better or old i reckon.
I'm building an entire new room for everything. generator, batteries (24 or 48v forklift), inverter...everything, and piping the power straight to house. room will be 10x12 and the run will be 100' straight to main panel. Any common sense reason I cant put everything in one room, 8k diesel exhaust will be piped outside btw.

Thanks folks
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    Your 60 amp charge controller will handle twice the wattage at 24 volts and 4x at 48 volts, you may not need a new charge controller.

    Do you want to move to a 120/240 volt inverter?
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    When are you going to do this project?

     MidNite Solar has a new bunch of Inverters, specs still not public, that are iminent..... 48 Volt models are supposed to be first out the door...
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    Look at the CSW inverters from Schneider in the store here. Keeping one brand of equipment will get you full communication if that is important for you and significant others. It can be monitored anywhere. Outback also has a nice system that does this.
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    I'd second the Schneider vote.  If you went with Magnum's 4024, you'd get 4000W (5800W surge) for 1770$.  If you went with Schneider's SW4024, you'd get 4000W (7000W surge) for 1475$.  Also, you'd get dual 120V/240VAC, and they have the ability to be paralleled to double capacity to 8000W.  I have Schneider's XW6848 and am very happy with it.  I run my 240VAC well pump with it.
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    Not that I am suggesting the magnum but they do also have the Magnum Energy MS4448PAE at same price point as the magnum 24volt inverter.  it is a 48volt offering
    It has 120/240v output.  They can also be paralleled with proper controller. 
    Idle power consumption I believe should be a bit less than the lower end Schneider offerings. (last I looked)

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    Magnum until a few years ago never had a charge controller. When I tried to look at their web version for monitoring it did not work and was missing the basics that Schneider and Outback have for their systems. They are getting better at being a complete solution but....

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