Interesting old panel. Solar Power Corporation G 261 (Exxon)

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Solar Power Corporation, Woburn Massachusetts.
"Solar Power Generator" Model NO. G 261
4 volt, hand soldered, two strings of 13 cells.

I was unable to find a power rating.
A search on line told me this company was a subsidiary of Exxon back in 1975.

I was doing a system upgrade for a guy here in Mendocino County, CA. He had me change out a Trace DR system for an SW. (Replace a 17 year old inverter for a 13 year old one.) We got to talking about old equipment and he mentioned some old panels he has in the shed. He seems to think he bought them used around '82-'83. He originally had three (for 12volts) but one burned out years ago. This and its mate have been put away ever since.

Anyone know anything else about them?

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Alex Aragon


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    I have worked for SAHEL a french subsidiary of SOLAR POWER CORPORATION which was based in Woburn Massuchetts
    I can check for you the characteristic of your panel
    Thank you

    PS SPC made a 100kw array in 1980 for Beverly University Massachusetts still working
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    Here's another of their modules. It has a rubbery surface to it, no glass Any info you can get would be appreciated.

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