Solar equipment reliability

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Hi, I have a potential customer that is asking for reliability metrics for the solar equipment I am recommending (mostly Schneider Electric. Other than warranty, is there anything out there that will provide data for how long components actually last? Thanks.


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    Typically the biggest risk for equipment/appliance failure comes from the grid, followed by any line coming into the structure. The solar, the phone, the TV, and pumps. This is why offgrid equipment of good design lasts a long time. The other risk for all equipment is lightning and if you are in a risk area that needs attention. Surge protection is inexpensive and needs to done no matter where the structure is.

    Maybe someone else can get you some published data as mine is from experience in aerospace, marine and offgrid.
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    As well as lightning and other casualties, a big factor in expected lifespan of electronic components is heat.

    The heat could be from ambient temps, running at full rated current for extended periods, dusty environments fouling cooling fans, etc. Any stats available for component mean times before failure would have specific controlled environmental conditions as part of the rating, which would obviously be unlikely in a real world installation. Humidity can also be a factor, especially salty marine environments.

    I think most of us expect a lifetime of 10-15yrs from most components in non-extreme environments with gear not pushed to limits, after the "infant mortality" period. Defects tend to show up early in the life of otherwise well designed components, which is really what the warranty period is meant to cover. In a harsh environment, and/or with gear running near rated current all the time, expected service life could be cut by 1/2 or more IMHO.
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    Yep heat is on the list, unless the original design had that in the requirements. :)
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    coming up on 7 years daily household loads on XW-6048 inverter. 7 more years would be nice.
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    Trace DR1524. 1994 and still going strong albeit 6 months of the year.
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    Trace SW4024 15 years and keeps going. (But i keep a spare just in case)
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    Trace SW4024 1982.  It worked last year when I lent it out. There is an XW that I take care of south of Tucson that has been in a metal shed in the desert since 2006. We have a beta mppt-80-600 that has been harvesting since 2010. 
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    1982??  They made the SW series that long ago?

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    Typo! meant to type 1992... Before that I think I used Triplite for a Telcom project when HP built instrumentation.
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    I installed a Trace SW4024 in my home in 2000 with 800a-hrs of L16 batteries (2 strings), grid tied, to provide a UPS for my computers, furnace (Utah winters) and lights, etc.  THe L16s lasted til 2010 because they were rarely discharged.  Then the system was idle until sep 2016 when we were able to buy 12 2volt 1200a-hr batteries and put the system back on line.  1 array at the start with 1400 watts of PV, but lost 2 panel so down to 1200 watts which produce around 900 watts today (12 Siemans 100 watt panels).  Have had no issues with the Trace inverter and just now have read some reports of issues. Still running.  I am now adding a second array to the system.
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    Stuff today, .... who knows?.

    I remember watching a recent utube clip of the German Manufacturer SMA ceo, who kept going on about quality, but then said, "We see our products are good for 10 years".

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