How many watts to charge a li-ion battery

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If my battery is rated at 2200 mAh, how do I estimate how many watts I expect to use recharging it? I also have a dc adapter.


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    Does your battery have a voltage rating?
    Do you know what the formula is for Watts?

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    Oops. Its 12V. I don't know how to calculate watts from mAh's
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    Li-Ion is pretty efficient.  If you use 342watts, 350watts would recharge it pretty close to full again.
     But to figure out a solar charger for it, you better stick to about 90% of battery capacity, to use for your solar harvest guesstimate.

    2.2Ah x 12V = 26 watt hours in that battery.  So a 50w panel, with average placement (25w output) could charge it in an hour.
     Unless its too late tonight and I'm not doing the math right
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    The battery is pretty efficient, but the DC adapter (aka wall wart) may not be. You may be able to make a guess on this by looking at in input and output values printed on it.

    For example (made up values), say it's 0.5a @ 120vAC input, and 2a @ 12vDC output. That would be 0.5x120=60w in, which is the rate of power use. If it takes two hours to charge, total energy used is 120w.

    2x12=24w is going to the battery. The difference, 60-24w = 36w is going to heat the wall wart. Also, some wall warts can use power just being plugged in. I put mine on a power bar which gets turned off when not in use.
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