Inverter/charger won't transfer Genny to system

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I have a Xantrex DR 2412 Inverter/Charger on my boat.  This spring I installed two 330 watt panels and MPPT charge controller to charge the batteries when we are not on the boat.  We have a Honda Eu 3000i generator.  This weekend I went to fire up the generator to run some of the heavier loads and the Inverter/Charger would not transfer the 110v incoming to the 110v system or charge the batteries.  Any suggestions beside get a new one (very expensive)?  
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    You would not get a new DR2412 as they are not supported anymore!  And a very good reason for having a sine wave power source.

     Do you hear the transfer switch try to select the shore/gen power? 

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    I am not surprised that the DR2412 is now obsolete.  I have never tried to listen for the switch, my guess is the transfer switch is the problem but I am no EEng. I will listen for it this weekend.  Is the transfer switch something that can be replaced?
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    On some it can, depending on your skill, there may be soldering, but you probably need someone who can service it as without a part or a unit to scavenge the part from you are in deep water. If the inverter still works you could buy a 12V charger and move on from this. Nice boat BTW, I was on a cruising version that beat everyone to anywhere!
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    Thank you our boat is great,  I wake up on the water not near the water.  There is someone nearby who apparently rebuilds these units.  I may build a manual switch outside the I/C so I can run the fridge and hot tub on the generator.  The solar should take care of the charging.
    Thanks for the help, I figured it was a long shot but if I don't ask the answer is always "NO".
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    Maybe a silly question, but I assume you've checked to see if 120vac is present between hot/neutral, and hot/ground at the ACin terminals of the inverter with the generator running?
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    Without doing extensive research, there are some things that come to mind, if the controller charger won't accept the incoming AC from the generator, it could be that the neutral bond in the generator is in conflict with the neutral output of the inverter, so it will not qualify the generator input. There should not be multiple neutral bonds, removing the bond inside the generator may resolve the issue. By no means am I claiming this is the problem, just a possible cause, see the attached file, although not your exact model it s merely for informational purpose. manual link for futher infomation.
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