Generator(generac) starts in search watt mode with inverter model MS4024 (Magnum)

Hi everyone
Since i'm new to this forum and since english is not my first language, i hope you will forgive me for any misunderstanding.  

Here is my problem.

I have a solar powered electrical system at my second home, that is not tied to a grid.  

Six 250w solar pannels, six 250Amp batteries tied for 24v output with 750amps reserve, a magnum MS4024 inverter with all the remote options, a generac gardian 8kW generator, all of wich are tied to the house electrical box for 120/240 ac output.  

If the generator is set in auto mode (wich is the desired setting if you want peace of mind), it will start automatically in three separate occasion wich are the following
1- Batteries are discharged beyond the cut off voltage set in the preference. (23v for my setting)
2- Batteries are discharged beyond the auto start setting of the auto generator start option of the inverter (24,1v for my setting)
3- And everything works fine except for one details : generator starts when the inverter, placed in searchwatt mode, goes in idle mode.  

In other words, the auto setting of the gererator mistakes the idle mode of the inverter for a current shut down.  

Result, i cannot use the searchwatt mode and i cannot bring the inverter to go in idle.  

Help me please.


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    I suspect the auto mode is designed to start the generator when the AC from a grid connection goes down. With no grid connection, putting the inverter in search mode makes the generator think it's a power failure.

    You may want to see if other than auto mode will trigger a start based only on DC voltage.
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    Perhaps a stand alone AGS such as the one in attached pdf is something that may work in your situation 
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