just get a new 3.9 kw solar system

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I'm pretty new to solar. My system will be installed in 2 weeks. I have done research about this system for the last two years, and I decided to pull the trigger on a solaredge storedge 7600 inverters with 13 Qcell qpeak g4 300-watt panels. I opted into the solaredge storedge meter even though the salesman said I had a buy it on my own. I thought I was hilarious that I knew more about solar systems than the salesman I spent four months calling around and doing the research but I'm happy that I finally bought the system. I know about all the issues with my local utility which is APS here in Arizona. What should I be aware of going to solar other than my utility issue?.


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    Use less energy than you do now is the number one thing that will help you save more money.
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    The political climate is changing... You are probably grandfathered for ~10 years at least, but the powers that be will probably change the playing field in the future (remove subsidies for GT solar over time).

    Keep an eye on the output of your system... I did have my first array fail after about 6 years (covered under warranty, mostly). And I have had a GT central inverter fail too.

    Otherwise, as long as your electrical system is in good shape, you should be good to go.

    Regarding electrical system problems, with two homes, I have had problems with water coming down the weather head (from the utility drop) and get onto my meter socket connection and on some bus bars/breakers at another home. With the meter socket, a couple thimble fulls of water (looking at the stains) over 15 years was enough to corrode the one of the line connections, and cause problems with flickering lights and occasional Ground Fault outlet trip (I think).

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    "...pull the trigger on a solaredge storedge 7600 inverters with 13 Qcell qpeak g4 300-watt panels....

    ".... I thought I was hilarious that I knew more about solar systems than the salesman..."
    Not sure about your plans, looks like a bad design to me. I have run into some squirrely salespeople, but the 7600 inverter can handle 7600 watts of energy, and you are getting 2! Your array max's out at 3900 on perfect winter days, more likely in the 3000 watt area. The 7600's are rated for a max STC (Panel rating) of 9500 watts EACH! Do you plan to expand your system?

    Since you have 13 panels, I'm guessing you are planning on a string of 6 and a string of 7? 13 

    Something is "hinky" in your system description. Perhaps you are getting a single inverter? If so wouldn't a 3800 serve you better? 

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    my plan is to add an LG Chem batteries and 10-14 more panels in 2 or 3 years. I need to pay this one-half way down first.per the wifey.
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