Micro-Inverter optional monitoring system

Is micro-inverter monitoring system optional or is it really required?



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    Re: Micro-Inverter optional monitoring system

    In general, yes you need the per-micro GT inverter monitoring system.

    If you have 20 panels+micro inverters and one fails... You will "see" a 5% drop in array output. With variability in sun/weather/seasons, you would have a hard time even seeing a single inverter/panel failure--Let alone now you have to go out to the array (or on the roof) to find out which panel/array failed.

    If you have a very small GT system (say 4 panels)--And one fails, that is a 25% loss of power and much easier to see--And you only have four panels that you need to put a DC Clamp Meter on to measure the panel current to find the failed unit.

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    For me the question is whether the enphase micro-inverters will function without connection to the envoy, or not. We do not have internet yet, and need to know if micro-inverters will work pending the installation of internet.  If it is necessary what happens when I connect the envoy to my router and there is nothing further down stream?

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    I find it hard to believe the system would depend on a WAN(internet) connection to function. WAN connections fail for lots of reasons, and some folks may prefer not to expose the system to a WAN connection at all. I certainly wouldn't buy a system that had this requirement.

    It may require a local (LAN) connection though, for reasons Bill mentioned.
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    One Enphase system near mine ran for several years without an Envoy, but there is/was no way to know what the system was doing.  With an Envoy you can see what the system and individual components are doing.  With the Internet Enphase and whomever you allow, can see your system.  

    Best to have and Envoy even if the internet is not there yet.
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    They work fine without it.   Using a DC clamp meter to verify sounds like a good (but high hassle) idea.

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