Is the photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar collector (PVT) more efficient than the normal photovoltaic

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Is the photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar collector (PVT) more efficient than the normal photovoltaic panels? Do you have some empirical data? Because many people are claiming that the PVT is more efficient than the PV modules, but I don't see any data. The information is theoretical: the efficiency of the solar panels decreases with heat and the pipes of the thermal layer absorb the heat coming from the PV layer, therefore, they should be more efficient. Which is true in principle but this is not enough, we need some experiments, some data.
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    From what I recall, the extra cost and power consumed by the heat transfer system, is not matched by the increase of PV production.
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    I am not a big fan of cooled solar panels... But here is a company that has been making cooling units that attach to the back of standard solar panels:

    If you have a small area for solar panels (PV and thermal), then perhaps it can be helpful.

    Part of the idea of reducing PV panel temperatures sounds interesting, but it would depend on the temperature of the "hot water" you need... Heating a pool is ~90-100F, but hot water for domestic use is >120F -- which also increases panel temperature, dropping Vmp voltage.

    Using it just for cooling the PV array (and dumping waste heat)--I would suspect you are better off just adding 10-20% to your array size and calling it a day.

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    Call it a day! I second that!  I know a little about solar panel warranty >:)  You would be denied warranty on any kind of panel damage the minute they saw a picture of the array. Solar manufactures almost always want a picture of how the panel was mounted be fore they settle.
    The solar distributor would probably tell you that they won't help with getting the manufacture to do the right thing and at that point the party is over.
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