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Haven't been here in a while.  Any suggestions are appreciated.  I have had my system up for about 5 years now.  It's at a cabin in northern Michigan and all in all I'm pretty happy with it.  Located in a pretty wooded area I do plan on taking down a few trees to open the area up a bit more but right now I am looking to improve the system a bit.  Not a lot as the current system generally meets my needs and I have a generator and charger to top off the batteries as needed but winter sun is sparse.  I currently have a 12 volt system with three (3) 200 watt panels.  A 45 amp PWM charge controller and a 450 amp battery bank.  My question is would it be more practical to add a couple of 100 watt panels or switch to a MPPT charge controller?  Thank you in advance.


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    Are those 3-200 watt panels 12 volt? such as Evergreen solar produced?  A 200 watt 12 volt panel is somewhat  rare. The price of solar panels are so cheap these days you would probably end up getting more bang for your buck by adding panels as long as your controller has the available headroom. Adding an MPPT controller to your system and series wiring your panels wouldn't add a whole lot to your output aside from gaining a little power when it's cold out and possibly beginning to charge a little sooner due to higher voltage available, but this would be miniscule with poor sun angles in the early and late hours of the day.

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    Yes they are the 12 volt evergreen panels. Adding 2 100 watt panels should get me right to about 45 amps. The controller is a Morningstar rated at 45 amps. Thanks for you input.
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    Adding 2 more panels may exceed the controllers maximum current capacity, enter your information on the Morningstar string calculator to find out.
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    First get a controller that can handle more panels and then add more panels. Adding a controller and panels with a larger or an additional bank is another possibility.
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    mcgivor said:
    Adding 2 more panels may exceed the controllers maximum current capacity, enter your information on the Morningstar string calculator to find out.

    Pretty neat calculator there.  My controller will handle another two 100 watt panels so perhaps I'll do that due to littleharbor2 pointing out that the price for panels is pretty low right now. 
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