Battery choice?

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What type of battery is a good choice for off-grid system?
I hear some noise about using Lithium 18650 cells.
This appears to be a home-made option for creating multiple series/parallel loops using small replaceable 18650 cells which can be had for very cheap.
How does this stack up cost-wise and replacement wise against deep cycle lead/acid from Trojan or Surrette?


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    If you want to rig up a large homemade array of lithium cells, please keep a respectible distance from neighbours.

    Lithium based batteries are getting closer to lead acid in some applications, but they aren't suitable for an on-the-cheap diy solution yet IMHO.
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    When questions like these are asked:
    "Is this a good choice?" Or "How does is stack up.....?

    The answers are always in the details. Things like system size, intended use and your experience are the beginning :)

    I always have more questions than answers. That's the nature of life.
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    It's a smallish system, dedicated to run bitcoin miners. Im looking at less than 10A @ 12V.
    I had a grid tie system about 10 years ago, but it was a real bear to maintain the batteries. I was hoping the lithium batteries would be cheaper/easier as there is no monitoring/maintenance of the acid levels, just swapping out single cells as needed.
    Ive seen youtube videos showing how to build them and they make holders to allow easy swapping.

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