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I have seen a couple of social media postings on this new "turbine" and am curious if anyone on the forum has seen one or knows more about what they can do? I have a slow moving stream that this could work great in, especially if it put out a few amps overnight and when the sun doesn't shine to keep my batteries charged...

It looks like these Canadian folks have developed it, but perhaps no-one is manufacturing it yet... Cost? Output?





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    With water (or wind/etc.) it is volume  and velocity/pressure. For a low head system, you need high(er) volume of water flow.

    Really depends on your available water supply (pressure, volume). There are low head turbines out there that are probably more efficient than the linked system...


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    I made a Pelton wheel generator from a washing machine motor once that made 700 watts of power from hose pressure. The key is pressure to create speed. Pressure can come from falling from a height or a pump or city lines.
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    Google HydroCat for another option on slow flow creeks
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    They are not new, I looked at them a couple years ago.
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