T-105 RE settings on & off grid

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I have 8 - 6 V RE's

their site says
bulk 14.82
float 13.5
Equal 16.2

this in an RV with Magnum charge controller when on shore power or generator.

My systems offers a few other settings
Adsorb time
Adsorb volts
Charge rate (in %)
Vac drop out
Low battery cut off

I also am using a Outback flex 80 with 1,000 watts of panels (just installing that now.

any help appreciated.


  • 2manytoyz2manytoyz Solar Expert Posts: 373 ✭✭✭
    I'm using the same number of T105 batteries.  I'm using a couple of ProStar 30 charge controllers in parallel to recharge the system.  Here's the fixed setting for them:

    In my application, I have it set in the flooded mode.  I typically get 4-5 years of service from my T105 batteries.  Not bad considering the heat they are constantly exposed to here in central FL.  I've been using this type of charge controller since 2008.  These setting are not likely optimal, but I can't change them, and the batteries respond well.
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    Whatever numbers you start with, be sure to periodically use a hydrometer to check if they are working for you.  You will have to tweak them.

    In Florida with a stationary use, I'd be tempted to try a water bath chilled with opportunity load power.

    I am available for custom hardware/firmware development

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