How to get into menu for geospring waterheater.

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I found the code to get into the diagnostic menu to see if I could find out why the heat pump quit on my water heater and see if
I could get it working again. With the heater powered up , scroll to the diagnosis mode and select it.  The unit will ask you for a code.   Press filter, then press lock then press vacation. This should bring up the screen that shows the fault codes. Scroll to the "clear all fault codes"  press enter and the heat pump turns on. With that menu you can not read what the faults are unless you have more of the code to get to. Says that is for an authorized person to read but you can reset the faults and hope it will keep working. I did that and my heat pump started running. I think maybe the reason it quit before was the condenser was full of dirt and made the heat pump shut down and go into a fault.  Before it quit working it shut down before the water was heated and kept running shorter periods of times. The day it quit it only run about 10 minute before the heat pump quit.   When I took off the cover the condenser was full of lint and I think that made it shut down.  There is a temperature sensor that c an shut the heat pump off if the condenser is running too hot. I read somewhere that someone had a geospring that was shutting down prematurely. Guess he could have the same probe. I have a dc waterheater element in the bottom and am having preety good luck with it. I havn,t had any ac turned on till today so I could  do the diagnosis on the Geospring. I only have a 250 watt 24 dc element connected to the battery 24/7 and still get more hot water than I need. I have a probe heat thermometer to check the water temp and if it gets close to 150 I shut off the dc. Hope this helps someone if their geospring quits like mine.


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    Thanks for posting this solarvic. I'll bookmark it just in case I have a problem with mine.
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    CAUTION!   before I TRYED THIS RESET IN THE PREVIOUS POST MY GE HEATPUMP WATERHEATER OPERATED IN THE ELECTRIC ELEMENT MODE. After I did the reset I think only thefan was running, not the compressor. Now if you power it up the fan run s for a few minutes and you get a message it has only 120 volt or a heat pump failure. I checked the voltage in the wireing that connects to heater and I do have 240 volt. I can,t even get it to the diagnosis screen to try and get it back in the heat element mode. So ?I do not recommend the methods in the first post. IF YOU DO, DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!. I guess now it is just an anchor. I am going to try a few dc heater experiments and probably hook up the replacement rheem heat pump waterheater so I can get the $300 rebate from my power company. Also if the new waterheater has a manufacture defect I can get it fixed under warranty.  I do not have enough room in my utility room or I would use it as a preheater.