Mini Wind Turbines

Does anyone know if any companies manufactures small wind turbines , that can be linked in series to produce 48V (10w-50w) .

The application would only be to power small electronics ( water pumps , charging small 6V / 12V batteries )

we are in hong kong and space is quite expensive here , it would be impossible to erect any larger wind turbines


  • Chuck46Chuck46 Solar Expert Posts: 95
    Re: Mini Wind Turbines

    Try these guys

    Good luck
  • Chuck46Chuck46 Solar Expert Posts: 95
    Re: Mini Wind Turbines

    Look on the store front also as NAWS does have these

  • BrianellulBrianellul Solar Expert Posts: 95 ✭✭
    Re: Mini Wind Turbines

    I think that you wanted to say in parallel not in series! I don't think that any turbine will work in series with another turbine, the AIR-X series for sure will mulfunction because it needs to be connected directly to the battery.

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    Re: Mini Wind Turbines

    yes, sorry .. :blush:
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    Re: Mini Wind Turbines

    To clarify... A 12 volt wind turbine should be appropriate for a 12 volt battery bank.

    A 48 VDC wind turbine can be difficult to get good power out of--Check the data sheets closely. One heavily promoted brand in the US starts generating 12 VDC at 6-10 mph... Its 48 VDC version seems to start generating at 20+ mph...

    Wind turbines need a pretty windy area, clear of trees/building etc. and mounted pretty high in clear air. Plus, mounting them on the side of a building or roof can create a lot of noise issues--both from the wind/turbine in the air and from the sound being conducted down the pole/guy wires to the building.

    If you can fit a solar panel (good sun, area to mount it), on average it will probably be better at supplying the power you need.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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