Opinions on MiaSole CIGS panels?

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Good deal or not?

MiaSole model: MR-107.  Someone locally is selling them, 111 Watts for $50. MiaSole went bellyup along with so many other green companies like Solyndra, so I suppose these are leftovers still in the box.

I read about some of the problems with them, such as higher mounting costs (they are frameless). Found a youtube video showing them being mounted in an angle-iron frame but it's not clear just how they are secured to the frame.

There was also something about they operate at too high a temperature. The specs say nominal operating temp 49C, which is 120F. For my location in Las Vegas, that might not be a bad thing except in winter.



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    They are CIGS, not a good price, IMHO they have shorter life spans, generally.

    ...and without a frame! In todays market that's not a good price.

    I'd rather you get the Topoint 190 watt panels from the same guy for $115, but they are 24 volt nominal. But there are a couple other guys selling New 24 volt nominal panels for under 50 cents a watt. I guess you are trying to stick with a 12 volt nominal panels so you can use a cheap charge controller?
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    So CIGS technology is a flop then?

    There's been a few people selling Topoints locally on Craigslist. One of them said they are new in box but have been sitting in a warehouse for several years.

    I would have loved to have gone with those huge grid-tie panels (and get an MPPT) as they were much cheaper per watt, but the freight shipping cost kills the otherwise good price. The four panels I now have were able to ship UPS so they were the better deal.

    I did at first choose 12v panels as I had planned to go with a PWM controller, but I found a 40A MPPT on Amazon for only a bit more cash. It's the same company (Chinese) that makes Renogy controllers. The only difference is Renogy made some firmware changes that require a more expensive meter and temp sensor.

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