Inverter problem - Prosine 1000i/12 230volt

This is a long shot but I'm hoping that someone can help me.
I have been given a Prosine 1000i inverter which was removed from an emergency vehicle that had been decommissioned and was being scrapped. Unfortunately the remotely mounted control/display panel was not recovered with it, in its place is an adapter panel having a twin terminal block and a 4 core telephone type cable emerging from a grommet.
In trying to fathom out the purpose of these 6 connections I did get the inverter up and running powering a 100 watt lamp but do not know what I did and cannot repeat the trick.
Can anyone, please, advise me which connections to make simply to run the device, I do not need the display part of the control.

Thanks in advance for any help offered.


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    Here's  the manual, you may find the information you need, didn't read it personally.
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