Photowatt pw1000 12/24 wiring

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I inherited a pair of Photowatt pw1000 12/24 panels from my grandpa. I've been doing a lot of reading on wiring up a system, but I haven't came across anything on a panel that can be used as 12v or 24v. Before I start messing around with anything, is anybody familiar with these panels and could you tell me if it is currently setup for 12v or 24v?

Here is the info tag

Here is how it is wired.

is it setup in a 12v configuration or a 24v configuration?


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    I had found this @5 years ago for someone, the links are dead now, but I had saved and forwarded them to someone else, Here is the photo from my mail; I believe this is from a PDF which I didn't find at first glance, might search PW1000 Photowatt pdf in google and hunt.

    Attachment not found.

    So I would say they appear to be setup for 12 volt operation.

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    Awesome! Thank you so much! I had tried googling that and only pdf I found was a spec sheet.
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    I know you posted this a year ago but I have the same panel mine is currently set to 12v . I believe you are in 24v based on your pic you can test it with a volt meter and direct sunlight. if you move the 2 outer wires in to the blank space next to each it should be in 12v. this is my first time on this site so I'm sure you've found what you need by now but if not try this
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