sulphuric acid vapor during charging

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I've noticed that I get a fine amount of sulphuric acid vapor deposited on the top surface of my GC-2 batteries during normal charging. The dampness was confirmed to contain sulphuric acid by neutralizing it an old tooth brush and some baking soda.

Is this deposited sulphuric acid meaningful in relation to what is still in the cells ? Over time do I need to consider adding some to make up for the loss ? The batteries are being charged outdoors, under an awning, so the vapor is not concentrating indoors. Batteries are about 2 years old.



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    That dampness becomes conductive and can be a parasitic load on the batteries.  As to whether you lose enough electrolyte to have a significant effect on battery capacity, I'm not sure. 

    Forum member @blackcherry04 has pointed out that you can aim the vents on your battery caps to avoid putting the spray on your terminal lugs.

    I use WaterMiser caps on my batteries and they really do work to keep the sulfuric acid in the battery.

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    It's not really "vapor".  It's mist from the gas bubbles popping. Each time one pops, a little drop of electrolyte mix is launched.  Once in a while, it gets out through the vent hold and lands on the top of the battery case, or underside of the battery box lid......  over years, it might amount to a tablespoon full.  I've never heard of needing to add more acid to compensate for it.
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    Water Misers here too.  Definitely reduced my watering schedule to 3 or 4 times a year.  I use the shorter caps on the Trojan L 16 REBs'.

    Droplets on some of the caps never seemed to effect my SG levels or battery life.

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    Is it common to see sulfur deposits on the outside of GC-2 batteries or is it a sign from overcharging those batteries?

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    Johann said:
    Is it common to see sulfur deposits on the outside of GC-2 batteries or is it a sign from overcharging those batteries?

    From what I saw in the used pile, back when I was buying batteries, I think it is. Most of the actual golf-cart owners probably expect to replace them every X years, and don't pay that much attention to the accumulation of deposits/crud. It would be an interesting experiment to take some baking soda along, and see how many of those junked batteries fizz when a little is applied.