Stepping up to 24v for next build

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I have never messed with 24v inverters.
The largest inverter I have now is a 2000w samlex on a 13v Lithium battery.
For 24v I am thinking about getting something like the SA-2000-124, or something like it.
It has everything I need, nothing I don't.
Pure sine, 2000w running watts, 4000w surge, no transfer switch, no built in charger, it can be hard wired.
I would like to get that or something like it with a little bit higher wattage. Its over $800 so its at the top of my budget already.
The biggest baddest loads I plan to run off it are: welder, grinder, bandsaw, skill saw, small air compressor.
Its going to be part of a vehicle based 24v system, it may not even have any solar panels charging it. So the battery system draining isn't much of a concern.
What other 24v inverters out there would meet that list of criteria?

Solar hybrid gasoline generator, 7kw gas, 180 watts of solar, Morningstar 15 amp MPPT, group 31 AGM, 900 watt kisae inverter.

Solar roof top GMC suburban, a normal 3/4 ton suburban with 180 watts of panels on the roof and 10 amp genasun MPPT, 2000w samlex pure sine wave inverter, 12v gast and ARB air compressors.



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    I dropped you a message, about a possible used deal...
    Home system 4000 watt (Evergreen) array standing, with 2 Midnite Classic Lites,  Midnite E-panel, Magnum MS4024, Prosine 1800(now backup) and Exeltech 1100(former, 660 ah 24v Forklift battery(now 10 years old). Off grid for 20 years (if I include 8 months on a bicycle).
    - Assorted other systems, pieces and to many panels in the closet to not do more projects.
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    Save up for an Outback
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