Can someone suggest an inexpensive Digital Handheld Multimeter that I can use to check my solar panals output and the battery and also see how much power my lights and small pond pump are using? I have 2 80w solar panels and 4 6v golf cart batteries. I'll be using compact florescent lights and led lights (if I can find some good spot lights) and I will be running 2 small pond pumps (12v). Don't quite know what I'm doing yet but I'm working on it. THIS is a GREAT place for learning before I make mistakes. THANKS ALL... Larry


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    Re: Multimeter

    I have a number of meters. One thing very useful is a clip-on AC/DC meter. I have a Tenma 72-6184 I think I paid about $30 for.

    Working on solar panels, batteries, etc. it is very nice to have a clip on meter capable of DC amps measurement.

    Dealing with inverters where the current/voltage in not sine wave shaped, it is nice to have a meter that measures true RMS.