Is there a circuit that will "intentionally" drop PV voltage?


My PV voltage output is too high for an inverter im looking to get. Is there a way i can step down the PV output voltage so my inverter becomes happy?


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    More info?

    Is this a minor drop or are you wanting to use a 12 volt inverter on a 48 volt system?

    What type of battery bank, are you trying to use the array without a battery bank? This doesn't work in general....

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    Is your inverter (for example) rated to 15 volts, and the battery is being charged to 16 volts (causing the inverter to shut down)?

    Or are you trying to run your solar panels directly to an AC inverter without a battery bank?

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    definitely using a battery at 48v. My water pump is consuming 1.5hp. My PV no-load output is 150v and i need to go to about 90v for the solar charger to be happy
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Please describe your system... everything.  Solar panels, batteries, charge controller. inverter.  (Hint: you can put it in your signature).   Also, how are the panels configured (series, parallel)?    If I understand the issue, your panels are in series and the string voltage is too high for the controller. 

    In your original post, you wrote "Is there a way i can step down the PV output voltage so my inverter becomes happy?"  I think you meant "controller", not "inverter".


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