3kw permanent magnet alternator producing 200

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I have a military surplus diesel inverter generator... a few of them actually... where the inverters are toast. I was considering my options as far as repurposing the permanent magnet alternators attached to the engines. I know wind generation often uses PMA's... and I'm more familiar with solar (though far from an expert), so I have the following question:

If the PMA output is up to 200 volts, 3 phase AC, and RPM varies the voltage, I can easily see rectifying the 3 phases to DC and feeding that into some kind of charge controller. But what charge controller can handle up to 200 volts DC and 3000 watts? Does any consumer off the shelf wind equipment come close to this kind of output? Is there any value in such a PMA for someone's home brew wind generator?


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    The midnight classic line has some high voltage input controllers.   But you may have to fiddle with the settings because the loading of a wind turbine is much different than a diesel genset
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    Looks like that could do the trick pretty nicely. That also had led me down the path of string inverters... So if someone has a large off grid installation, they're likely already running with high voltages like this... and similarly high wattages. You'd have inverters and batteries etc.... and you'd be able to use a high output DC generator as a more efficient means of filling in the gaps on sunless or windless days... That gives me some hope! Thanks.
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    Magnum PT-100 can handle a 200v input.     It can easily handle the 3000 watts.

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