Whats the difference between these two Solar Inverters


I'm a newbe to the forum and new to the alternative energy scene. I'm totally confused between the following 2 products (not for the first time and sure will not be the last). They both seem to do the same thing, but they are obviously designed for different applications. So under what conditions would you use the one over the other and what is the shortcoming of one compared to the other. I tried to attach the spec sheets, but I cant seem to get it to work so here are the URL's


I appreciate it and thanks


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    Tastes a little like spam to me.  

    OK I'll take that back.   Better yet, IMO, look into units many people already use and know about.  That page is the Chinese manufacturer's site and you probably won't get any info from them as an individual anyhow. 

    How did you pick those 2 to compare when there are another 8 as well?   
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    Its not spam it is a genuine question. Here is the attachments
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    Might search high frequency vs low frequency inverters .
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    Anything chinese, and anything with induction fans for cooling means it will not last. Just FYI
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