first gen xw4548 no power

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I bought this when they first came trouble since 2009
I went to replace a battery, when I shut the breaker off for the DC it made a loud click like a relay .....after looking at one of the boards ...the very of the chips had a piece  poped of of the top of it

went and got a scrap board with a good chip, replaced it....still wont come on

going to take it to a service center in Whitehouse Tennessee ......just wondering from the limited description if any of you know what might have happened


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    The inverter is supposed to be set  to the standby mode first, before disconnecting power.   When re-connecting the battery, it will again be in standby, and you have to program it on with the SCP or the pushbutton on the front,
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    Adding on one should also shut down the AC or any DC loads first also, But no matter what the OP did during shut down,
     the XW should not have done this.

    He also states that the xw4548 came out in 2009 which may be when he bought it but 2007 is the correct date, I have one.

    If he was using the XW distribution panel there should have been clues in there as to what may have caused this. I always guess at the cumulative damage of surges and lightning, the user, and then the electronics for cause. If the XW equipment is bought from a dealer, it is field serviceable during warranty for 5 or 10 years.
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    well....$725 for a control board and a network board...........
    mine was made in july of 2008...........still dont know what caused it
    might have been that I didnt place it in standby, but it shouldnt have caused this

    no loads were running at the time..........I have done this the same way for a long time.......could have been the cold , but while I was talking with Randy at inverter service center in Whitehouse Tennessee , I saw a bunch of these control boards all with the same chip damaged.....kinda makes me wonder if it was just the quality of the chip

    anyways, I'm back up and running again...wish there was some help for my mppt 60-150.....but I saw magic smoke come out of it along with fireworks.........this was back in the summer and power to the inverter was off at the time, so the 2 aren't related

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    Good that it is running!  If the power is off to the inverter during a mishap with a charge controller,
     a surge/spike can still get into the inverter /charger from negative battery or xanbus.  It is one of the best reasons to use SPD's everywhere and have really good grounding. At least you know they will clamp and hopefully protect the equipment.
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    One thing to be careful about--Make sure you turn off equipment in order, and if you have a battery breaker/switch, turn that off last.

    What you do not want to do is have a solar charge controller+AC inverter+(other loads)+battery bank switch--And turn off the "battery switch" first. That would connect the charging sources directly so the inverters+DC loads. Very few charging sources are designed to "accurately" regulate their output voltage unless there is a connected battery bank. For example, a 12 volt wind turbine Alternators can exceed 100 VDC output if the battery is disconnected when the alternator is turning.


    1. Stop charging sources (i.e., turn off solar panels/secure wind turbines)
    2. Turn of charging source(s) to battery breaker
    3. Turn off DC loads/AC inverter loads
    4. Turn off DC loads/AC inverter DC disconnects.
    5. Turn off Battery Master (if present)

    Note that there are AC inverter-chargers too... So, in such a case, make sure that any Generator/AC mains connection to the inverter is also turned off before turning off DC breaker/battery master.

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    That is the best way for sure Bill,  but with lightning present and proper SPD's, the XW DC hard shut down from the XW power distribution panel does all that except shut down AC loads and solar inputs. If there is lightning that is what I tell some of my less technical (mostly females to do. They have been for 9 years. 

    Even with a DC main breaker off , it is not hard at all for nearby lightning to jump right in and wreak havoc. Latent damage is always the unknown and is the best reason for SPD's everywhere. Oh and make sure the SPD's are wired correctly so that they are on when the breakers are off!!  Mui importante!
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