What solar pump and pannels would be needed to pump 10gpm 100 ft from a dug out water

from a water pit into a pond. The total height from the bottom of the pit to the pond would be about 25 ft or less and the distance would be about 100 ft. I want to limit seepage and evaporation during the summer.

I have tried to read company sites off and own for two years and just get more confused. I always see sites that show pumps that would do what I need to do but not what solar pannels or their costs would be. I would to need to pump at 10gpm if I got from 12 to 13 hours of sunlight. At this rate no night pumping would be required. And I would only need to do this from probably mid to late June to the end of Septmber when our wet season begins.

I don't know really how catpillary action works but if there were a sipon effect I could use I could carry the water another 50 to 75 ft out into the deep area of the pond and then from the bottom of the pit to the bottom of the pond would only be about 15 ft although there would still be the 25 ft hump. Would that make a difference?

Also I am probably over projecting my needs and if costs are much different could make due with 5gpm.

If any one could help me I would appreciate it.



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    Re: What solar pump and pannels would be needed to pump 10gpm 100 ft from a dug out w

    i'm not an expert with pumps, but if you found a dc pump that fits your requirement then tell us what the voltage and current draw is for it and maybe we could point to some pv wattage possibilities. the use of a mpp boost regulator(forgot exact term for it as it's late,but you'll find it mentioned in and around this section of the forum) will be needed to help keep voltages within the realm the pump motor likes.
    as to the amount of sun i wouldn't count on just the amount of daylight you see to provide full power as that is usually 5-6hrs in the summer for most of the us. you may have to up the capacity to allow it to pump it in a shorter period of time.
    the 25ft hump will still impede it as it forces the water up against gravity and in general the longer the run travels, the higher it goes, and the narrower the pipe it flows through all tend to restrict the water flow. those particulars i'm not good at, but you do have a start anyway. i'm sure somebody else will chime in with their quarter's worth(inflationary 2 cents).:D
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    Re: What solar pump and pannels would be needed to pump 10gpm 100 ft from a dug out w

    Maybe a boat (marine) bilge pump. 25' H may be a bit much for it.
    Even an AC pump, like a transfer pump, or a basement sump pump may work.

    As Niel said, find your pump, and what the motor is rated for, and then we can figure the rest of the electric. I'm guessing in the ballpark of 500 watts of panels.
    What's your location - and do you care about shorter pump hours in the winter (less sun hours)

    Siphon Effect will help you, as long as the pipe is a nice fat pipe (2") to lower resistance, using 3/4" fittings at the ends will help prevent the siphon from getting an air bubble in it, or keep the exit BELOW the water surface
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    Re: What solar pump and pannels would be needed to pump 10gpm 100 ft from a dug out w

    Depending on your altitude, 20' of siphon is probably about the maximum reliable suction that you can support at sea level... Lift goes down as the altitude increases.

    Also, you will not want the pipe too large--the flow has to be high enough to keep any bubbles that form swept out of the pipe or they will gather at the top and break your siphon.

    Capillary effect is for small cross sections (like 0.010" or so)... Not for piping.

    Lastly, is it possible to cut a trench or drill sideways into the base of the pond and get rid of the pumping all together?

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