Help Needed Integrating a ProWatt SW 2000 to a Transfer Switch (6 circuit Reliance)

cberstercberster Registered Users Posts: 3

I see a lot of discussion about this topic back a few years ago on this forum...was wondering if now there was a final consensus. I've already blown up one inverter thanks to my electricians wiring the xfer switch backwards !!! Now I'm a little leery, to say the least, about swapping out another GFCI with a straight 20 amp receptacle !! I havn't made any mods to my new PW 2000 yet..but I know from taking the blown one apart that the neutral of the GFCI is jumpered to the chassis along with the green wire. My xfer switch has now been wired properly, and I have totally rung out the jumper chord that takes the 30A two phase connector to a straight 20A connector for the inverter. My 120v hot (black) line from the inverter is connected to both "phases" of the xfer switch in order to power both sides. I will never be using more than 2 circuits at once, and all of the required loads have been carefully measured.

Any current info you all could provide would be greatly appreciated.



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