Canadian Solar connectors

Hi Everybody, I was just getting ready to purchase a couple Canadian Solar 310W panels (MAX Power CS6X-310) and I noticed the data sheet says they use Friends PV2a or Friends PV2b connectors.  I have never heard of these.  I already have cables with MC4 connectors ordered and am wondering if they are compatible.  If not, is there a conversion available to adapt from the PV2 to MC-4?

I'd appreciate any help on this, thanks!
12 * 300 W (10 fixed rooftop, 2 movable pole mount), Morningstar Tristar MPPT 60, Magnum 4448 PAE, 64 200Ah CALB in 4p16s arrangement with 16 LED Balancers and a Choice BMS300 (It is lousy and I don't recommend but it provides high and low voltage cutoff)


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