Wind Turbine Grid Tie Inverter Problem. GTI Brakes the turbine when starts

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Hi Guys,

I'm pretty new in this forum and I already read so much and I feel right at home!

I'm trying to setup a grid tied system with a wind turbine 12V 300W. The turbine gives 3-phase 12V AC and is rectified into 12V DC. I've hooked it up to an grid tied inverter 300Watt 10.5VDC-30VDC. But every time the grid tied inverter starts up, it gives a fault signal and the turbine goes into brake.

Am i doing something wrong here?

Hope anyone can help me out!

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    Welcome to the forum Patrick.

    Does the GTI work at all (plug into wall, takes 5 minutes or so to "qualify" the AC power), then green?

    I would suggest trying to connect a pair of 12 volt car batteries in series (24 volts) to the input of the GTI and see how it works... However, is this GTI inverter designed to work with a battery bank? It sounds like it may not be designed for battery bank operation.

    What is faulting? The GTI Inverter? And then what stops the wind turbine (one method would be for the GTI inverter to be setup for a Wind Turbine--And "short" the DC input leads. The heavy current should stop the turbine from rotating at full speed (high current = high torque which stalls out the blades).

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    An MPPT type GTI will try (during its search for the MPP) to draw as much current as possible from the turbine. Unfortunately that seems to be more current than the turbine can produce and so it shuts down to protect itself.
    I do not think that there is any practical way, with current equipment, to run a GTI directly off a turbine output.
    You will need a battery bank and a GTI which is capable of working from batteries (most are not) and also a turbine compatible Charge Controller (CC).
    The best off the shelf solution would a CC such as the Midnite Soar 150 with turbine support and a hybrid inverter such as the ones from Xantrex or Outback.
    That will NOT cheap (maybe not even affordable for you.)
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    I'll bet the plug in GT box is overloading the turbine and bringing it to a halt. You need 40MPH wind to get the rated 300W, any less, and the GT loads it to a stop.
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