Connection diagram for PV Grid Connected System with Generator

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We are going to put a 20KW Grid Connected PV System in a resort where there is a Generator for Backup which is 40KVA. Please let me know
(a) Connection diagram, if we DO NOT want to produce the power from PV when the Generator is running
(b) Connection diagram, if we want to produce the power from PV when the Generator is running



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    Why would you run the genset while the sun is shining and the grid connected ? Most of the time, the manuals for the gear, have varied sets of connection diagrams, and I would start there.
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    Take a look at some of the online installation manuals for the various inverters that allow for generator support and you will find that these have detailed diagrams and schematics.

    To supplement the grid with PV you will need to look at grid interactive inverters. These will do exactly what you are planning.

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