Duracell branded 6v info

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Just bought 4 Duracell 6v batteries from sams club, wanting to setup the kid voltages correctly I contacted Duracell and asked for voltage set points for there battery. Oddly enough no one could give me a direct answer.
After much research I found they are manufactured by east penn and are Deka clones. So I contacted east penn and talked to [FONT=&quot]Mary Sell ([email protected]). She referred me to [/FONT]Lou Vondenbosch [[email protected]] I gave him this information.

(me) I purchased 4 Duracell 6v Golf Car batteries , my searches bring me to believe they are manufactured by East Penn, The
Only information I could get provided from Duracell is there Group # GC2 , Part # DGC , 20 AH Rate 215 , Duracell has no
charging voltage information they could give me. Could you be of any assistance ? I would really like to setup my charge controller
to maximize the life and power of the batteries. This would be in a 24 volt system.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Lou Vondenbosch replied,
You are correct they are manufactured by east penn , Deka GC15 is basically what they are
without getting into to much detail.

[FONT=&quot]These charging specs will work perfectly![/FONT]
1. BULK STAGE = 10% of Ah (C10) or 21.5 amps
26 amps (max.current) per series string.

2. ABSORPTION STAGE = 2.44 vpc (x 3 cells) = 7.32 v x the # of batteries in your strings(4)=29.28V

3. FLOAT STAGE = 2.34 vpc (x 3 cells) = 7.02 v x the # of batteries in your strings(4)=28.08V

4. EQUALIZE STAGE = 2.53 vpc (x 3 cells) = 7.59 v the # of batteries in your strings(4)=30.36V

Hope this information helps some one.


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    Thank you. It is hard to find info on their 6v batteries. Sams 6v batteries offer a lot of bank for the buck. Under $100 a battery. Many of these cheap ones last me at least a few years.
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    The only thing is that float # seems about .5 volt higher than I use On a 12v set up
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    Hi Jeff,

    YES, thank you very much for posting this charge setpoint data, and even a Contact person at Deka.

    Questions about setpoints for generic GC-2 batteries, particularly for off-grid PV charging.
    Thanks! Vic
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