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Hello all,

I haven't been around in a while, but someone asked me about this device and all I could say was 'dunno'. I know this is the place to ask, for sure.

Has anyone investigated this? I searched the archives and found nothing. Power-Save

I don't understand how it works and the advertisement seems suspect, but I could be wrong.


Jay (the other chest fridge guy)


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    Re: Power-Save Energy Corp

    I think it's a spin on the "Power Factor Controller" Won't do squat with anything less than 5 years old, or anything with a non-reactive load.

    Just a get rich scheme for the vendor, or a troll from an agent.
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    Re: Power-Save Energy Corp

    Thanks for the quick reply. I kind wondered when I saw their promotional video.

    Can you explain non-reactive load?

    What is bothersome is the guy who asked me about it is buying a wind turbine from the guy who is recommeding it. The guy buying the wind turbine is a bit of a lose cannon but means well. I wonder if the vendor is for real or the purchaser misunderstood what it could do.

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    Re: Power-Save Energy Corp

    If I recall correctly, a reactive load is just an inductive load (think is is an old term for an inductor).

    A non-reactive load would just be a pure resistive load (wire filament bulb, resistive heating, for a couple examples).

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    Re: Power-Save Energy Corp

    a reactive load could also be a capacitively reactive load. if you have some of these it can balance out the inductive loads. in theory what the company says is true, but placing a capacive load without useful use of the power is wasting it just to bring the power closer to a purely resistive load.
    this is from a search of capacitive load on yahoo and wikipedia showed this:

    Reactive load bank
    A “reactive” load includes inductive (lagging power factor) and/or capacitive (leading power factor) loads.

    Inductive loads, the more common type, consist of iron-core reactive elements which, when used in conjunction with a resistive load bank, create a lagging power factor load. Typically, the inductive load will be rated at a numeric value 75% that of the corresponding resistive load such that when applied together a resultant 0.8 power factor load is provided. That is to say, for each 100 kW of resistive load, 75 KVAR of inductive load is provided. Other ratios are possible to obtain other power factor ratings. Inductive loads are used to simulate real-life mixed commercial loads consisting of lighting, heating, motors, transformers, etc. With a resistive/inductive load bank, full power system testing is possible, given the impact of reactive currents on generator/voltage regulator performance as well as effects on conductors and switchgear.

    [edit] Capacitive load bank
    A capacitive load bank is similar to a reactive load bank in rating and purpose, except leading power factor loads are created. These loads simulate certain electronic or non-linear loads typical of telecommunications, computer or UPS industries.

    essentially, just think of it as added resistance to an ac waveform(sinewave).
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    Re: Power-Save Energy Corp

    I was not quite sure if reactive included leading/capacitive loads too... Thank you Niel.

    Generally a home's electric meter is a true Watt*Hour power meter--and only charges for the actual power consumed--not including the leading or lagging parts that this power factor corrector would be "fixing"...

    Only for large installations (like water pumping, refineries, etc.) would a utility place a power factor meter on the line and charge "penalties" for poor power factor.

    Since the utility normally only charges for "real power" used--poor power factor devices (includes old computers and electronic devices too) use more current than a resistive load--and wire, transformers, generators and such still have heating effects from I^2*R losses, this additional (useless) current costs them money and reduces the amount of power the utility can send down the line for revenue.

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