Exeltech XP-1100 sleep mode?

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I've short-listed my choices of inverter to a Samlex SA-1500 or an Exeltech XP-1100. The Samlex consumes less than 1.5W in its Power Save sleep mode, compared to the Exeltech's no-load consumption of 10W with its X2 option (or 20W without). One article I read says that the Exeltech shuts down entirely when there's no demand: http://www.blakeman.net/_VA/CA/JT/2007/Solar/_Invert/Inverter.html However, nothing in Exeltech's own specs or manual mentions anything about this. So, does anyone know if the Exeltech actually shuts down when there's no load, or is that article incorrect?

If I were to buy the Exeltech, I would want the X2 option to reduce its no-load power, but neither NAWS nor any other vendor makes any mention of this. Do all XP-1100s ship with the X2 option, or how else does one get it? Why would anyone not want it - is there some down-side to having it?

Yes, I know I can wire a remote on-off switch to the Exeltech, just like I can buy the S-R5 remote for the Samlex, but there may be times that I need to keep the inverter on, so its no-load power consumption is an important factor for me.

Thanks, John

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    Re: Exeltech XP-1100 sleep mode?

    I've read a bit about the xp1100, and purchased one off eBay, I don't recall any feature of a sleep mode. I'm 1000 miles away from home right now, so perhaps someone else could check it out for you, I won't be back until around the 1st. I don't know why they don't make them all with the lower self consumption. I think NAWS can order it that way, not sure if there is any up charge....
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    Re: Exeltech XP-1100 sleep mode?

    Talk with NAWS... The low power option appears to be something like a ferrite bar attached to the side of one of the coils (changing inductance or something--I think, at one time anyway, it was available as a customer installed retrofit kit).

    In general, there are tradeoffs made when things like this are done--What those are, I could only guess. Given that it costs very little (again, guessing), there must be some reason that they don't just do it to all the inverters.

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