XW6048 -F39 : AI Under Voltage

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Hi there my grid this winter is getting a strange behavior in peak times i mean got several times my voltage dropping bellow 198V (i'm in europe it should be 220v).

When this happen my xw trigger a fault:

Local Time: 2014/12/04 06:48:06
Device Name: XW6048
Firmware Version: V01.07.00-0005
FGA #: 865-1035
Fault Detail:
F39 : AI Under Voltage
Cause: Under-voltage anti-islanding. Solution: No action required. The inverter stops selling and disconnects from the grid. When the fault clears, a five-minute timer begins counting down. The inverter does not sell again until grid voltage and frequency are within range for five minutes.

I don't want to keep receiving these alerts/emails and so i changed in the AC1 settings "AC1 Low Voltage " to 192V, but it doesn't seem to change this fault from appear.

Its possible to change the value that triiger this fault from 198v ? if yes where ?

PS: yes i will open a claim in the grid supplier as the 196v is to low for what they should supply, i guess that if didn't have the xw on the middle my house lights and appliances would fail :(


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    Re: XW6048 -F39 : AI Under Voltage

    I don't think you have any problem with your Inverter/Solar RE power system.

    It is the AC mains falling out of nominal specifications. And the XW is supposed to disconnect at that point (protect linemen from getting shocked and/or your system powering the neighborhood).

    Assuming you are using lots of electric heat? If so, you should go around with a volt meter and make sure that the input to your main panel (from the meter) is either low (not your problem) or if nominal, then you may have a bad electrical connection in your home (I have had water leaks get into electrical panels/boxes and cause corrosion at breaker/fuse connections, wire nuts, etc.).

    If you can go to a friendly neighbor and measure their voltage--That would probably confirm a utility problem if their voltage is low too.

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    Re: XW6048 -F39 : AI Under Voltage

    Hi Thanks
    I know its not "real " xw6048 problem. When i have these low voltages I measured it on the main panel and it confirms .

    Even that I have my ac units direct to the main panel before the xw this never happened before .
    Will try the neighbor test .
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