My absence is/was probably not noticed...

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I have been having a number of issues int he last year that has kept me away from the forum for much of it. (nothing terrible, but some health issues, a partial move, some travel, family issues etc). The biggest change is we are not off grid, in the bush full time anymore. We're dividing our time between the bush, Maine and the Pacific N. W. I don't think I could connect thre farther away dots!

Thanks to Bill and 'Coot for handling the mod duties exclusively. I am still on the run for another couple of months, but hope to be able to check in more frequently.

I hope all are well, and wishing you all the best of the season,



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    Re: My absence is/was probably not noticed...

    Be well, good to hear from you!
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    - Assorted other systems, pieces and to many panels in the closet to not do more projects.
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    Re: My absence is/was probably not noticed...

    Tony, we have missed you greatly. Hope things are working out well for you. And looking forward to you being able to spend some more time here. Your posts are always highly informative.

    Take care and good luck!
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    Re: My absence is/was probably not noticed...

    Very sorry to hear you've been having health issues Tony. Sending our thoughts and hopes things will improve rapidly and that one day you will be able once again to enjoy the pleasures of being off grid - - - if that might be your desire. Personally, having my health (so far at least) and being able to live independent of the grid are two of the greatest gifts one can have other than a loving family.
    Peace be with you. And yes, we have missed you!
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    Re: My absence is/was probably not noticed...

    Thanks guys... The health issues we simply a coulple of pesky injuries that get in the way . I blew out both knees and have been hobbling for better thn a year, but they are coming right. This fall I threw out my back, and it has taken 3 months to get Mobil again, couple that with lots of work and the work goes pretty slow.
    I will still be in the bush (off grid) for much of the year, Ubuntu it is going to be a bit less predictable.

    Keep up the good works folks!

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    Re: My absence is/was probably not noticed...

    Hope you recover enough to live happily ever after (Whatever that is, hehe). Missed your wisdom and positive outlook on this stuff.

    Take care,

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    Re: My absence is/was probably not noticed...

    Good to have you back Tony.
    My experience and observations: hobbling because of sore knees, hips, feet changes your walking gait, leads to back problems. Tough to see what's ahead in the forest for the trees (if I favour my (knee, foot, hip) now, my back will suffer in the future.

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    Re: My absence is/was probably not noticed...

    Yes, did miss your comments....keep working on the rehab and if you have access to a good physio get some assessment and guidance once in a while from him/her..

    Good to hear you are upright and mending.

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