recharging 24v battery bank

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I am planning to build a solar generator with a 24v battery bank (4 12v 100AH batteries). How do I calculate recharge time with 24v panels? I know how to figure it for 12v systems but can't find any info on 24v.


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    Re: recharging 24v battery bank

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    Calculating recharging times is guesswork, no matter what the system Voltage. The reasons being that not all batteries have the same efficiency, the charging isn't linear, temperature has an effect, and most of all the State Of Charge you start out with will not be a constant.

    Otherwise what is needed to recharge a 24 Volt system follows the same principals as a 12 Volt system, just 2X the Voltage.

    See this thread:
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    Re: recharging 24v battery bank

    Convert all your calc's into watt-hours, and then try WH consumed need WH x2 to be harvested. Generally, the end-end efficiency of a good battery system, is only about 50%. Charge controller losses, battery losses, panel nameplate loss, inverter losses.......
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