LFP batteries and Chargers Question; For LFP Users

I have read that LFP batteries last longer when NOT brought to or stored at 100% charge. I have also read that LFP's basically do not need absorb or float charging; bulk brings them to nearly full. Other readings have indicated that it would be best if LFP charging was terminated completely when the preset upper voltage limit is reached and then only restarted after the voltage falls to some lower value.

So, do the present users use PV and a charge controller with all bulk, absorb and float setting set to the same setpoint? Or do you rely on a battery charger powered by either mains power or a generator? Do you do any manual interventions to terminate or start charging or check on any other aspects of operation? If you make manual interventions do you consider those to be more or less frequent than if you had a system using FLA batteries, or perhaps about the same, just different?

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    Re: LFP batteries and Chargers Question; For LFP Users

    Hi Don,

    This thread on the Midnite forum has the information you are looking for and more.
    My system is not installed yet, but I will be using the information found there.

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