Amorphous silicon panels- charge controller

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A quick question:

Will any normal MPPT charge controller work with these amorphous silicon panels?:



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    Re: Amorphous silicon panels- charge controller

    I don't see why not. With a Vmp of 67 they're almost high enough to be used on a 48 Volt system all in parallel, but if you put two in series the Voc of 92 is going to exceed even a Classic 200's ability if the temperature is cold.

    Look at that 6.3% efficiency. What's the attraction for these amorphous panels? I don't see any reason to get them unless they are paying you to haul them away.
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    Re: Amorphous silicon panels- charge controller

    Yes and NO!

    These have a VOC of 90 volts(and new they tend to produce more wattage until they break in about 6 months)

    So only MPPT chargers that can handle higher voltages can use them in strings. Since they are such small panel (in wattage) you will have higher wiring costs, since a string of 2 will only be a 60 watt string and require a fuse or breaker with 2 or more strings, while you could have a string of 3 - 4 240 watt panels which wouldn't require also require a fuse or breaker if more than 3 strings, and produce 720 watts. Also consider the additional mounting costs, most people use stainless steel bolts and aluminum mounting rails, even the additional cost of drop in grounding lugs... these additional expenses add up!
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