solar charge controller which one for my system

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I currently have 4 yingli 230w panels 37v voc, pmax is 29.5 7.80 current pmax, short circuit current 8.40. One of the panels drops to 33v-33.8v 8.10a short circuit when sun the hits it others are around 8.20a 36v voc. panels yingli YL230p-29b im in ny and its a 24v system for the battery bank. What controller should I Use. Please let me know asap thank you


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    Re: solar charge controller which one for my system

    While I haven't looked into specific MPPT controllers (for my planned application, PWM is just fine), people here speak highly of the various MidNite controllers. You'll want to have two parallel strings, each with two panels in serial.
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    Re: solar charge controller which one for my system

    You'll need an MPPT type controller, and you'll want to set them up in 2 strings of 2 panels, unless your going to be a long way from your charge controller.

    A Midnite Kid a 30 amp Charge Controller (CC) would be a bit under sized, but you won't loose much very often and it has a lot of attractive features, but you will not have room to expand and will actually be above the max output of the controller on cool/cold days.

    With bright sun 920 watts of panels you should expect them to produce roughly 920 x .77= 708 watts ÷ 24v = 29.5 amps.

    If you need room to expand, The Midnite Classic or Outback FM80 or even the Mornigstar MPPT 60.
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    Re: solar charge controller which one for my system

    Tom can you tell us more about the 1 panel that drops its output... there is something not computing in your comment....
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